Tuesday, April 7, 2009


erm. done with osce. too horrible. wargh! especially the 'ambu bag' station.

i was so shocked and stunted there for almost 2 minutes, then left me 3 minutes to perform the procedure.

not knowing the right pressure of oxygen,

do not demonstrate 'head-tilt-chin-lift',

forgot to remove the pillow,

the right technic to apply the mask.

hai. TERRIBLE! sgt memalukan ok. sr sanisah keep on repeating, 'inadequate chest rise ria, inadequate'. i was ready to give up back then. buhbye flying colours! just show me the true colour. hahaha.

other stations were quite okay, except for another one, i was supposed to do eye swabbing and instillation, but i misread it. i didnt do the eye swabbing thingy. erm. just hope for the best i guess. may Allah help me and my classmates. ;p


  1. u sound scary wei!! hahaha.. if i happen to be ur patient, pls treat me nicely and betul-ly.. taknak mati di tgn ria!!!

  2. zaireen jahat! x lgsg ok! silap SKET je. skrg dah posting situ dah ok sket. ;p


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