Friday, January 28, 2011


ok tiba2 hari ni rajin nak menaip. ayuh! hehe. nak bincangkan psl 'hypocrite'

ok what is hypocrite? based on merriam-webster,

' a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings'

for me, i rs ada 2 type. satu yg positif, satu yg negatif.


bila kita kurang menyukai, tp tidak membenci org, tp kita tidak menunjukkan kebencian kpd org tersebut. kira hypocrite ke camtu?

adakah itu bermaksud, kalau kita x berapa dgn org tu, kita perlu menunjukkan kebencian kpd seluruh umat manusia?

bukan ke nanti akan jadi lebih keruh?

bcos for me, if ada org x suka aku, aku lg prefer dia buat biasa je, rather than tarik muka dan jeling2 depan2. chill la weh, mcm semua org suka kau? tp faham2 bahasa la if that person dont talk to you that much, or x amek tahu sgt psl ko, faham2 sendiri la then back off. get it?

if that is why you are calling me hypocrite, then i wont argue. guilty as charged. i have my own stand. and i think it's for the best. :)


'hypocrite' is a very strong word, kdg2 bila org ckp hypocrite ni org kaitkan dgn munafiq. so choose your word wisely. :)

renung-renungkanlah, sekiranya anda jenis manusia yg sgt straight forward, dan anda menganggap bercakap secara terus terang tanpa memikirkan perasaan org lain, dgn alasan tidak menyimpan apa2 dlm hati, think again, mmg anda tidak mengumpat (la sangat, pdhl nanti brag kat org lain anda sound direct kat dia) dan bagai, tp melukakan hati dan perasaan org lain, x kira berdosa ke?

kita ni dalam komuniti yg bsr,bekerja bersama2, bukan utk jangka masa pendek je, demi memberikan perawatan yg terbaik utk semua.

solusi: learn to let go. kurang menyukai seseorang, jauhkan diri sedikit,, mungkin ambil sedikit masa utk menerima dia. jgn sampai putus kawan, tp ko mesti igt dlm otak yg ko pon entah disukai ke tidak, so jgn membenci org, let go, dia ada kekurangan dia, ko ada kekurangan ko, kalau nak perfect sepanjang masa susah la weh. LET GO.


manusia tu mmg susah nk reti bersyukur kan?

yg gemuk nak kurus.

yg kurus nak gemok.

yg bdn mantap nak muka licin.

yg muka licin tnk pucat sgt.

yg pucat nak gelap sikit.

yg gelap nak cerah.

wah terlalu byk! anda berada di kategori mana? ;)

bersyukurlah dgn nikmat yg Allah kurniakan. kang kena tarik balik kang baru tahu.
see! sweet je. x kurus x gemok x hitam x pucat. thank you Allah for all Your blesses. :)

hahahahh dah kena marah baru reti nak bersyukur!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

dunno. dont care.

me being paranoid about relationship. i have my own reason. and i don't appreciate being judged by people who barely know me.

you dont know what i have to go thru. so dont assume things that u have no idea of. yes it's been 3 years, and its not that i'm not over him, its just. when someone who matters the most for u, betray you, lie to you, each and every single thing that you thought u know him, it's just not that easy to start all over again. picking up the pieces, all on your own. and i think it's not fair for me to pu the blame on him solely but i am easily affected by that. i might not show my weaknesses, but think again, i'm only a girl, how strong can i be?

i hate the idea of turning over a new leaf,
i hate the idea of getting to know a guy,
i hate the idea of being cheated,
i hate the idea of being pleased just to shut me up.

i'm down at my lowest, not being able to start a new relationship is my fault most probably, but it is something i faced before. i am so sorry.

or maybe, maybe, i just haven't met the right one. pray for me dear friends.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

bee boo bee boo

i love my ayah. he's everything to me. walaupun bermulut jahat, hati dia baik. always being super duper overprotective, because i think i will always be his little girl.

i love my ibu. very very much. ibu is the one who make it possible for me. in each and every way, she's being so supportive. she's the best gossip partner ever.

i love along as well. along helps me alot, especially in settling the car business. sorry along menyusahkan awak, kena deal dgn ayah lagi dgn bank lg. huhu.

i love angah the most. even though he bullies me back when we were still cute and adorable. UNBEARABLE. sumpah dia jht gila tp xle cerita sbb terlalu memalukan. haha! we still argue alot every now and then, have some disagreement, but he is the one i can always turn to. tp tadah telinga je la kan. haha! and he never forgets to buy things for us. *haha sebab ni sayang lebih* really! sometimes when i'm going out, i always look myself in the mirror and realize something. 'ya Allah! harap tudung je beli sendiri, kasut, jeans, baju, beg semua angah belikan. perfume pon!!! gila loser' T_T

i love adik! yes he is my blackie, and he will always be my baby bro no matter how tall he is now, how huge his stomach is, because apart of him still wants attention and manja. but nowadays he is like the only one that we can count on. doing the household chores.

currently, i am very mad at im. i still cant accept the fact that he is smoking. he was caught few days ago, when i'm in kuantan. i am very devastated. i dont even know where does he learn all of this, because all of his close friends didnt smoke. it is a small thing, but for me, it's still hard to digest. he will always be my little bro, so i need some time to adapt with it.

i can still remember in form 2, when i discovered that angah was smoking. i ran to the toilet and i cried. cant remember for how long. i am still paranoid..

work is great, payment is a big dissapointment, i am trying to manage myself properly, money is always a problem for me. tu la boros. T_T

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