Friday, August 27, 2010


i'm giving up on nursing. wasted 6 YEARS of my life on something that is not worth it. i have no idea how this course was created but seriously. MOHE, if u cannot create a post for degree nurses, then why the heck did u create this DEGREE in nursing thingy?

this is bull****. i deserve much better. WE deserve much better.

will elaborate my angriness later in next entry but for the time being. this is what i felt after the second interview.

considering short courses in baking after raya. bye nursing. i had enough.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

its all about foodsssss

keterujaan! despite of all the tiredness from working 9 til 7, i still manage to bake some things!

1. pau

wahaha! sgt teruja dpt recipe dr miss sue tadi terus try! thank god menjadi! ni try inti kacang n kaya, next time try filling ayam pula! ;p

2. muffins

agak mendukacitakan sedikit, muffins x naik secantik mungkin. mengapakah! naik nya dgn penuh kesengetan. wuwu.

3. choc chips cookies!

this is for sample. utk kuih raya kakak iparku suruh buat. hehe. setakat ni dah ada 300pieces order. sesiapa yg berminat contact saya ye utk mendapatkan harga yg lumayan dan cookies yg bermutu! ;)

hah ni utk sesiapa yg berminat nak tempah, boleh je! let me know k! ;)

ok. lagi lama aku kerja kedai ni lagi syanie ha aku waaaaaaa! :(

more to come! hehe. forgot to take picture of my wholemeal bread. sgt menarik! hehe.

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