Sunday, January 23, 2011

dunno. dont care.

me being paranoid about relationship. i have my own reason. and i don't appreciate being judged by people who barely know me.

you dont know what i have to go thru. so dont assume things that u have no idea of. yes it's been 3 years, and its not that i'm not over him, its just. when someone who matters the most for u, betray you, lie to you, each and every single thing that you thought u know him, it's just not that easy to start all over again. picking up the pieces, all on your own. and i think it's not fair for me to pu the blame on him solely but i am easily affected by that. i might not show my weaknesses, but think again, i'm only a girl, how strong can i be?

i hate the idea of turning over a new leaf,
i hate the idea of getting to know a guy,
i hate the idea of being cheated,
i hate the idea of being pleased just to shut me up.

i'm down at my lowest, not being able to start a new relationship is my fault most probably, but it is something i faced before. i am so sorry.

or maybe, maybe, i just haven't met the right one. pray for me dear friends.

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