Sunday, January 16, 2011

bee boo bee boo

i love my ayah. he's everything to me. walaupun bermulut jahat, hati dia baik. always being super duper overprotective, because i think i will always be his little girl.

i love my ibu. very very much. ibu is the one who make it possible for me. in each and every way, she's being so supportive. she's the best gossip partner ever.

i love along as well. along helps me alot, especially in settling the car business. sorry along menyusahkan awak, kena deal dgn ayah lagi dgn bank lg. huhu.

i love angah the most. even though he bullies me back when we were still cute and adorable. UNBEARABLE. sumpah dia jht gila tp xle cerita sbb terlalu memalukan. haha! we still argue alot every now and then, have some disagreement, but he is the one i can always turn to. tp tadah telinga je la kan. haha! and he never forgets to buy things for us. *haha sebab ni sayang lebih* really! sometimes when i'm going out, i always look myself in the mirror and realize something. 'ya Allah! harap tudung je beli sendiri, kasut, jeans, baju, beg semua angah belikan. perfume pon!!! gila loser' T_T

i love adik! yes he is my blackie, and he will always be my baby bro no matter how tall he is now, how huge his stomach is, because apart of him still wants attention and manja. but nowadays he is like the only one that we can count on. doing the household chores.

currently, i am very mad at im. i still cant accept the fact that he is smoking. he was caught few days ago, when i'm in kuantan. i am very devastated. i dont even know where does he learn all of this, because all of his close friends didnt smoke. it is a small thing, but for me, it's still hard to digest. he will always be my little bro, so i need some time to adapt with it.

i can still remember in form 2, when i discovered that angah was smoking. i ran to the toilet and i cried. cant remember for how long. i am still paranoid..

work is great, payment is a big dissapointment, i am trying to manage myself properly, money is always a problem for me. tu la boros. T_T


  1. aaww.. so sweet.. taknak list pasal ur bestie plak ke? hahaha..

  2. hahaha! psl bestie u r the first in the list loh! tp ramai sgt la x mampu nak update. hehe.


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