Sunday, April 26, 2009

hey hey hey!! =)

it's been quite some times. just back from sik, kedah for 'anak angkat' programmes.

yes mmg mereka negeri jelapang padi yg sgt sejati. i ate RICE RICE RICE. tons of them!!

first few days been very awful, i vomitted alot and diarrhea. but then i adjusted well to rice, and all the funny sorts of food there. batang pisang, umbut pisang, ikan pekasam(this 1 i really2 tried very hard, but so sorry, i just cant accept it!).

the experience i gained, are priceless, the bounding is very2 good.

i still cant believe there's such place in Malaysia that are still underdevelop. talking about living so 'harmony' under our government's ruling. haha. suddenly i'm being so emotional bout this. ;p

daki gunung. can't believe it. first time ever seeing 'buluh betong'. really big compared to buluh biasa. if wat lemang, sampai 4 hari bakar pon belum tentu msk. hahaha.

my family, pak teh and mak teh. why i called them by that name? because their eldest daughter is in form one, dayah, then angah, hafizam is in standard 3 and lastly, yg teramat manja wani, 3 y.o. ye mereka sgt muda dan cilik. ;p

programmes terlalu byk, sampai tok penghulu ckp x sempat nak gi kebun, nak gi kolam ikan, projek pertanian diorang semua, just sempat gi ladang getah je. hik.

will update later. gtg!

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  1. wow bestnyer!! aku tak pernah merasa duk kampung yg cantik.. just dpt duk balok yg "indah nian" je.. tp still bersyukur gak lar.. coz tak la underdevelop kan..

    aku confius la beb.. apsal ko cirit lak makan nasi? slama ni bukan hidup ngn nasi ke? haha..

    dan sangat jeles kerana kamu dapat daki gunung.. best tuh!


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