Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i'm free~ wheeee ~ ;)

i'm a free bird. i've finished all the papers that i don't even know how my results will be, but then. i have tons of things to concentrate on.

in a few minutes, a buyer will come by to see my car. i'm sad. =(

byebye my love. i'll miss u. but it's for better i guess. to get rid of all the bad memories with that car. tp cam byk gl jasa kereta tu. since i'm in form 3. 9 years eh?

after this i will have to go to class by bus. wuwu sedihnya. padan muka. tu la dl kutuk2 kereta tu tua. sekarang? itula manusia selalunya, bila ada x appreciate, bila dah xde? barula rindu~~~

apa2 pun. i wish the new owner will treasure it as much as i did. bye bye my CBC...

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