Thursday, April 2, 2009


this is my first time writing a blog. because all my friends have one. so i decided. why not?

btw my ex-DDAA always remind us to write a journal about our practical experiences since first year, but I'm way far to busy for that! hahaha.

erm. currently.

i love my parents. i missed them so much!

my beloved friends, fiong. alia. kyn. zee. chicho. deqma, that always there for me, no matter how many times i've hurt them. =(

miss my 2 beloved boyfriends. sgt busy belajar sampai terlupa i.

my zaireen. oh pls july! cepatlah menjelma~!

tq for every little thing peeps, and sorry for everything.

1 comment:

  1. hey woman! hehe.. i never knew u have a blog??! hehe..

    dear, july is coming! it's coming! wait for me! hehe..


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