Tuesday, April 14, 2009


exam this sem. one word to describe it all.


tomorrow is my last paper, hope for the best ya Allah! setimpal dgn apa yg i usahakan kot. =(

erm. hope next sem i will improve a bit. hahah tiap2 sem pon ckp mende yg sama. but seriously. exam kali ni sgt super duper horror. x tau kenapa sampai camni mls, n busy. *sigh.

besides, i don't have a real hols pon.

tons of cupcakes to do.

leaving for community service

oh i miss the homie environment with ibu gossiping, ayah, my supposed-to-be-retarded
bros, im and adik.

hai. people keep on saying 'xpela rumah awak dekat, bila2 pon boleh balik' but the real fact is, erm. only God knows... =)

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