Sunday, April 26, 2009

lalala~ ;p

a best friend of mine asked me, about a year ago,

"if a not so perfect guy, comes to you, confess his feelings towards you, telling you he would sacrifice everything for you,would u accept him, or would you still wait for your mr. perfect?"

"erm. nobody's perfect in this world, and who am i to be so demanding? erm. i guess i will give him a chance."

overnight. keep on thinking about this thing, and the next day, i text him back.

" i think i want to change my answer."

"and why is that?"

"erm. i'm done accepting people and their FLAWs, but later that one thing that will really haunt me, the one thing that i know right from the very beginning, will make my life suffer.. will make us apart. i'm just saying that, yes nobody's perfect in this world, but i will definitely wait for MY mr perfect, even though he seems to be soOo IMperfect to others, but at least, he'll complement me in every way." =)

and each and every day, i keep on thinking about this, wondering when will my mr perfect, and who is my mr perfect, when each and every day, i keep on closing my heart, avoiding people, so paranoid of accepting new guy.. afraid that he might breaks them apart..

but worry not ria! Allah dah jadikan manusia itu berpasang-pasangan. Insyaallah, tiba masa kahwin je la! boleh elak maksiat! ;p

"perempuan-perempuan yang keji untuk lelaki-lelaki yang keji, dan lelaki-lelaki yang keji untuk perempuan-perempuan yang keji, sedangkan perempuan-perempuan yang baik untuk lelaki-lelaki yang baik, dan lelaki-lelaki yang baik untuk perempuan-perempuan yang baik pula. mereka itu bersih dari apa yang dituduhkan orang. mereka memperoleh keampunan dan rezeki yang mulia" (An-Nur: 26)

jadi berusahalah utk mendpt lelaki yg baik! Allah tu kan Maha Adil? ;)


  1. huhuhuhu...menariknye bung..

    aku doakan ko..
    aku doakan aku jgk..
    aku doakan unutk semua2 la..

    semoga setiap orang mendapat yang terbaik untuk masing2,.

  2. huhuhu. thx dear. aku pun doakan ko dpt yg the best. whoever that suits u best. ;)

  3. InsyaAllah ur Mr.Right is out there somewhere, waiting to be discovered by u.. haha..

    and talking about Mr. Perfect, aku penah borak2 pasal ni dengan my sis, kak lily. She said, the point kita berkawan and get to know our bakal husband ialah, bukan sbb kita nk tgk die tu perfect ke tak, sbb kita mmg takkan jmpe org perfect,

    tpi supaya kita dapat tahu kelemahan2 dia, dan find out whether kita boleh tak nak tolerate dgn perangai dia tu.. if boleh, then he's urs.

    So, i don't blame u at all for being so picky, coz u need to.. and everyone needs to. Please cari somenone yang kau boleh blah with.. if u get what i mean.. haha..

    byk lak aku berceramah kat sini..

    just want u to know, if i could, i would give u the most perfect guy in the world to keep u happy!

    but now, i'm just gonna pray je lah.. insyaAllah..


  4. hik. right. but some part of it i don't quite agree. i want to discover it after marriage. hahaha. tp bab2 memilih tu yg susah tu. xpela. for the time being survey je dulu. hahaha. no what i mean is. kalau ada org masuk minang aku on je~ mls nak couple2 dah. hahahha. perasan hot stuff kan? ;p

  5. i'm not saying that you have to bercouple, then only akan kenal hati budi.

    If ada total stranger masuk minang, ko on je? skali die tu kaki panas baran giler.. camne?. or kaki tak hormat ibu bapa.. or stingy giler? ntah lar.. aku just rasa it's very scary. huhu..

    tapi takpe, doa2 la insyaAllah tak jumpe org camtu.

  6. hik. sbb tu la aku ckp survey je dl. get to know people by making tons of frens? ;p

    if pekenan ON. hahaha. cam gerds gila je aku.


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