Tuesday, December 29, 2009


i'm happy. regardless of a very hectic day yesterday, acting like a mother settling both my 'not-so-lil' bro's stuffs regarding their school and such.

y am i happy? ibu bought me this!!! *bcoz i cannot afford it and i'm too stingy to use my own money of cos!* :)

now i can try tonsss of new flavour cuppies, and improve our design wise as well. i lebiu ibuuuuu! :)

oh! i'm supposed to write a book review that i think really open up my mind, *of cos content dia AGAK x sesuai dgn i sbb i x semurni gadis di buku itu* tp sgtla inspire me alot to improve myself. :) tp naddy dah wat review dl. wuwu. tp nak jgk from my POV! ;p

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