Thursday, December 31, 2009


a better me, more organize, calm and in control. learn to prioritize things.

a better muslimah, read alot, and PRACTICE what i learned.

a better daughter, ease my parents, help my bros, n be a good n caring aunty.

a better future, work in clinical area first before endup in the education field.

a better friend, care about other people. less IGNORANT, understand better.

a better person. insyaallah..

may Allah help me in 'upgrading' myself.

AMIN. :)


  1. thanks jah! ;)

    amin utk resolusi kamu jua!

  2. tambah satu lagi!!!

    REPLY MSG CEPAT SKET. hahaha. it should be the first one kot?

  3. ok iju. hahaha. ala! skrg dah improve what?? old habit dies hard. nak wat camne phone is not my top priority? x topup pon xpe? hahah!


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