Friday, December 4, 2009


i hate this feeling. i hate me hating people for no apparent reason, or when i already know what to expect from that particular person, but i'm trying to be optimist and hope that for once that person will actually change, but to no surprise, remains the same. haish. melayu dgn janji mereka. mmg x dpt dipisahkan. nauzubillah.

haha. sebln x post pape tiba2 post sesuatu yg emosi. bengot ria. aduhai, i hate the state of having PMS to be blamed on for my sucky attitude. mayb too many things happened lately and that's why im soooo irritable.

aduhai ria pls change.

stop being affected by people who clearly dont care about u and pls be cool like always.

glass half full glass half full!

and there i thought i will always have u as my best friend..

guess people really do change, for better or for worse.

i miss my gauls. erm at least part of them.


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