Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a weekend well spent! ;)

thanks to my 2 lovely girls,. for the last time, not sure when will i see my 2 favourite girls again.

day 1: karaoke and movie marathon. :)

saying goodbye to uia. :(

day 2: kenduri at ubai and awana kijal!!! :)

upon arrival! ;)

scenery from our room

favourite part of the getaway! ;) watersports!

catamaran and banana boat!

a very entertaining dinner, and we even make friends with faiz and hakim yg sgt handsome!

handsome kan handsome kan? *melting*

day 3: the most entertaining, right after breakfast, ATV, cycling, water skying and banana boat! again!! ;)

byebye awana. will surely come back. :(

otw back, burger king is a must. huhu.

keropok lekor for folks at home. cannot go back empty handed right?

thanks for reading! ;)


  1. dont be! jom la turun kuantan, pastu kita sama2 pergi kijal. abg eijaz dpt cheaper. sbb staff bank ke apa tah. tp kitorang ni sbb dpt main murah sbb aunty mamas works there. jom la jom la jom la! ;)

  2. mas rahman : lebiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu jugak ! maksu tu secret lah !!

  3. Ala. Just read. So sweet. See you in couple of weeks, kami datang buat clearance.


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