Monday, June 14, 2010

something to ponder dont u think?

when people try to advise you, take it as positive as u can.

not positive as in

" oh they are just so freaking jealous of what i have bla3"

that's not positive. that' just plain ridiculous.

positive as in u have to revise, rethink, or maybe perhaps. perhaps. there are some 'ugly truth' about yourself. digest it.

maybe u should change A BIT. because whether u like it or not. people don't like being brag about.

oh and what's with stalking? you are the one who invades others' conversation and being dominant is just your thing. if u said/ did wrong, just admit. no point of trying to prove you are still right.

sorry if you might find this harsh, but i've tried other wayssss to talk to you, but it all seems worthless. don't say i did not put in effort before. this world don't just revolves around you you know. stop playing victim.

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