Sunday, August 9, 2009

emotion suppression and cardiovascular disease.

is hiding feelings bad for ur heart?

the answer is yes, based n scientific literature, there's a link between emotion inhibition to a variety of diseases, implicated to asthma, cancer, chronic pain disorder and cardiovascular disease.

a pair of cardiologists, observed that their coronary heart disease patients seemed to be unusually competitive, hard-driving, impatient, and hostile.

ni i terbaca article time tgh wat assignment. cam sgt menarik. erm, but i think i'm being so freaking sarcarstic, in fact, sardonic is because that is how i express my feelings better kot. because i'm not good in heart-2-heart talk. usually i endup saying nothing n just listen to the other party. erm. guess i have to learn to express myself better?


  1. yeah rite.. ngan aku ko leh je ckp semua.. btw, kalau ko rasa ade menghidap ape2 penyakit, seriously aku rasa bkn sebab "hiding feelings"..
    weight maybe? hahahahaha

    p/s: sejak bila ko mengamalkan penghujung ayat bertanda soal ni? aneh..


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