Sunday, August 30, 2009



officially, my 'wira' left me. 1030 just now, the third buyer (this time for real, no more false alarm) took it away.. sad.. that uncle just came yesterday to have a look at it, then to my surprise, he wants to take it at that particular moment, but ayah left the 'geran kereta' kat office.. ayah janji la nak bg today.. erm. i didnt come out of my room pun, so sad of seeing my precious leave me.. but later ibu came and asked me to at least meet them. and for the last time to see my wira. as the new owner stays at KB, so the chances of seeing again is impossible. erm..

this time, the Kubler Ross stages of grieving really help me. to overcome this.
and finally. acceptance. erm.

huhu. i know i'm overacting. but that wira does help help me alot. since i'm in form 3. bye bye my dear. hope u behave well with ur new owner..

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