Wednesday, August 26, 2009


satu perkataan yg sgt besar maksudnya.

terpulang kpd individu, how they'll describe it. some can be positive, some negative.

still searching for my own path. it's not that easy that i can assure u.

my fren used to say,
"we are standing in the land of damnation.. some thought running to the light is the life purpose. but i prefer to stay behind the shadow.."

enough staying in the shadow. it's not doing u any good my dear? ;p


  1. gile indah quote tu.. sape member ko tu? mesti dewa dr kayangan... haha..
    nah aku sambung untuk pihak dia..
    " what the meaning of you glowing yourselves in the light when deep inside you still feel damned?"

  2. tlgla. not merely manusia biasa pon kot?? nak jadi dewa pulak mamat tu. hahaha.

    erm. i have nothing much to say. but for me. at least i've put in the effort to be somewhere i should have, meaning trying to improve myself, not being paranoid stuck in my 'comfort zone'. it's time to glow? *cam cte stardust la pulak. haha.


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