Tuesday, October 12, 2010

interview (especially to my classmates)

assalamualaikum and hye peeps! hehe. lama dah nak buat entry ni tapi asyik bertangguh je. nak share with you all about an interview i attended last week. first time terasa puas hati dan x sakit hati pergi interview. even if i dont get the job there, i dont mind. as long as i played well during the interview session. hehe.

arriving 20 minutes earlier, since i just stayed next to the hospital, is an advantage for me. at least i got enough time to calm myself down and also last minute preparation *doing some reading first* because they warned me that they are going to carry out a test before the interview session.

come to my surprise, the questions are subjective form, and also more than half of it are drugs calculations! pffttt! and i dont even know there are 7 rights of serving medication nowadays! during my time there's only 6 meh?? hahaha.

i dont mind doing the calculation but theres question that ask about the formula! haha funny. tembak je lorhhhh!

then while waiting for my turn for an interview, only then i knew there are 3 panels that are going to interview, the matron herself, asst matron (a GUY!) and a sister from which ward i am not sure.

starting with some introduction about myself, my strength and also my participation during my study (wow never been asked about that before!) and i startled for awhile trying to think about my co-curriculum activities during my studying time. haha.
conducted in english medium, and the three of them seems so professional, something that i havent seen for quite a while in my profession. haha. they ve been asking a general questions about nursing, in each and every area, then they will evaluate where you should be posted according to your performance. they also ask where do you want to be posted, and of course, there are some question regarding that as well. but what i love is when they ask me about my elective posting, diabetic foot care, and i go on and on and on telling them about the honey dressing and such, maggot therapy, and they just listen. they even ask me to do a presentation to the staffs and patients. wah sgt terharu k perasaan!!
i have a very good feeling about this, about the hospital.. but they need 2 weeks to inform HR and such then only they will inform me. pls good pay? because i dont know how to survive in kl with such a lil payment. T_T

pls doakan saya ye rakan2 . T_T

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