Monday, April 19, 2010


ok sebenarnya gmbr tiada kena mengena dgn entry kali ini. huhu.

faking a smile, to make others happy. :)

who knows, while faking it, u might enjoy it?

huhu. ok over. maybe u might get used to it, and dont mind trying to.

ok dah melalut sgt. T_T

today dah start posting, a great starter,

1- posting berdua dgn mamas je! x crowded tp fav SN sbb dah tua? T_T tp masing2 busy kat cubicle masing2 so no long chat!

2- built rapport with juniors, they are not that bad though! ;p

3- my bestie mr hazlan was there!! thanks dear for helping me out with all those dressings. haha. besok pls ada lg tlg i?? ;p

4- have to keep myself occupied so that i'm not thinking much about unnecessary things. erm.

5- berbuka hari ini terbaik! *padahal mls nak masak T_T

i need to learn how to read mind. pls anyone who knows contact me ASAP?

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