Sunday, February 28, 2010

have u ever

have u ever been so denial, that u dont give a shit about the real things that's happening?

have u ever been so care-less, that in the end, you are the one who's hurt. haha. serves u cold.

i have trouble expressing myself. could anyone pls help me. ! ;p

oh actually want to share something. i bought a book from charity store, for only 1pound. ain(my fav sis!) yg recommend, buku ni amat la best. buku ni dah basi actually, dah siap tgk movie bagai br nak cari buku dia. but actually movie tu cam x de kaitan sgt je dgn buku ni. ye x?this book might exaggerate sket la, tp content dia sgt la bermakna dan membantu sket menyelasaikan teka teki dlm otak ni. wah ayat aku sgt la BM tepu nya. sila berbangga wahai cikgu rozita. haha.

anyhoo, worth buying and worth reading. nice. kadang2 try dgr opinion mat salleh ni. lwk jgk la. haha!


  1. nak pinjam!!!!! how come i didnt come across one when i was there?? urgghh! nak baca!! tapi i hate the movie.. sorry.

  2. haha zaireen, i m not sure if u will like it. dia cam exaggerate la jgk sket.

    k hazerin, dah kaya kot? pls beli je br berapa! buku dah basi kot!


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