Tuesday, November 3, 2009


if u r reading this. i'm sure glad so. i'm not good at expressing my feelings, just that i think u should know.

let me go. even as a friend. it's heartbreaking to know someone u used to love fall apart in front of you. i hate this part right here. really, i do.

sometimes i wonder, did i misinterpret anything that you said or did. i also questioned, those things that you told me about how much you have changed, and i nearly fall for that. thank you for clearing things out. :)

and this time i will be firm. no more turning back. it's not that i think i'm wayyyy too good for you, but i just can't take it anymore. i don't want to know about you and your whereabouts. to tell u the truth, if we have never been together, i would definitely, never, would even consider, to be your friend.

sorry but when it comes to you, i don't know why i can't be just friends with you, without emotionally involved.

this time, i think i owe you an explanation, and so that's it. telling you verbally, or thru texting is too impossible. sorry for being so gut-less. i'm trying to be firm here, so pls, for once, i really hope you can respect me. stop calling me, you know i won't pick it up. neither today, nor next month. i'm trying to be firm.

pls, i really hope this time we end up 'cool'. no more cursing or anything left unknown. i hope i have clear things out.

and i'm not sure whether you got my friend's msg, just so u know that i know nothing til she's send it, and she might just exaggerate it a bit, or misinterpret what i'm telling her. hope you are doing ok with your fellow friends. no need for me to say 'take care' then? ;)


  1. eh u exaggerate misinterpret ape ni ? ta cte pun .lol.

  2. be strong dear!!im sure u can.lesson here is never ever trust a liar!he just wont stop lying.skali dia stat tipu, dia akan truz tipu utk menutup tipu yg sblmnye!!
    i need to see u move on with someone new.ok?
    love ya!

  3. nadirah, u did misinterpret me. it's a misunderstanding, not lying la dear. ;)

    kwn2, inilah yg terhasil dr stress dikala exam plus PMS. hahaha.

  4. ecece ye ye jek stress.
    betol lah tuh stress.
    kalo x stress mesti u rilex jek kn?
    *cuba back up*
    u did move on i can see.
    and i like it dat way.
    proud of u dear.


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