Thursday, July 30, 2009


i'm not sure why, i'm such a hot-tempered lately. yes i dont go and scold people, but buat muka ketat gila. i'm irritable, yet i easily get irritated over a small issue. erm. i do think gaining weight also contribute to my stress level? i used to cope with it with physical activities, but nowadays? perasaan tu dah faded away and being busy for quite some time.

i do need some time off from taking any orders. concentrate on tons of my assignments. roleplays. presentations. i thought final year would be relax from our previous years, yes less classes, but more exhausting. too many assignments and such. and frankly, i'm not a very good public speaker. as my colleagues call me, 'pemalas bukak mulut'. ;p

have to learn the right channel how to cope with stress.

kena baca quran ni. huhu.


  1. ko pms kot ria? tenangkan diri.. baca quran.. and nangis byk2 ke.. ops lupa lak.. ko bukan lah penangis cam aku.. tapi sometimes it could be a coping strategy yg sgt effective.

  2. hmmm..ria tak bnyak bercakap?
    pemalas bukak mulut??
    im still wondering....

  3. jom joging..idop sehat badan cergas..ati riang

  4. nad: i still YOUNG ok?? ;p

    zaireen: erm. tula. x rs nak nangis rs nak jerit. gi karok td ngn korg cam release sket je? ;p

    mubin: meaning pemalas buka mulut ialah time tgh present? ckp yg x bukak mulut tu? haha.

    pujah: pls jom? pls kalau aku kat uia jom jogging kat tmn bndr? cam xde geng. wuwu.


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