Monday, June 15, 2009


wow! it's been quite some time since the last time i posted anything here. tons of things to post, just cannot decide which 1 is first and such. oh i have a great time! i can't even remember the last time i'm having a long hols (1 MONTH is consider as long enough for me of course!).

erm. what's first.

my clinical posting at temerloh!

oh sy sgt mencintai posting this time. i'm posted to psychiatric ward, ENT (ear nose throat), eye, A&E( accident&emergency) department and lastly, OT(operation theatre).

and i finally know where i belong to!

sgt sgt sgt suka di sana! walaupun super duper sejuk. tp duniaku indah! ;)

the experience i gained in this semester's posting, sgt la x terbanding dgn 2 previous years. sgt suka2. *wink2. i met all sorts of diseases and patients. and the staffs are very friendly, obviously because of less stressor there, deal with unconscious patients only! x kena maki, x kena suruh, and x kena deal with their relatives. ;)


  1. bestnyer dpt tgk org kena potong!

  2. sha: hahaha. less equipped la of cos! tp sgt best la. rs 'belong' there. ;p

    zaireen: sgt best bila tgk org gergaji n gerudi! cam tgk cte saw depan mata. hahaha.


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